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Deferol Male Enhancement

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Deferol Reviews
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      Deferol Review

       Deferol is a male enhancement supplement that claims to provide better climax control among men, or serve as treatment for premature ejaculation. This is also said to help prolong sexual intercourse, as well as increase the time it takes before the user reaches his orgasm.

       Deferol is said to be the only orally taken pills using natural ingredients that works in the same way as Viagra, as well as other similar prescription drugs for enhancing male sexual performance, which work by blocking the activity of PDE5, an enzyme that eats away cGMP, which process then leads to the weakening of an erection. Deferol is said to work effectively without producing any side effects.

       The male enhancement supplement is said to work in the principle of increasing serotonin transmission to the brain while decreasing the transmission of dopamine. In effect, an increased serotonin transmission means that sexual drive is enhanced. This also results in prolonging the period of an ejaculation.

       Although Deferol appears to have a complex but efficient way of treating premature ejaculation in men, its official website does not suggest the product as suitable for all users. This could have unwanted effects when used by a person taking antidepressant medications. This is not to be used by women, as it could only prolong the time before they reach an orgasm. The sexual enhancer is also said to interact with St. John’s Wort or products that may contain the ingredient. Men experiencing asthma should not use the product as well.

       Deferol includes ingredients such as Passiflora Coerulea extract, Pyridoxyl 5-phosphate, Folic Acid, Griffonia Seed, and Pyridoxine HCl.

       In comparison to other natural male supplements, this product brings a more advanced solution in prolonging ejaculation among men, as it tackles with various aspects of brain function to help the user gain more control over his ejaculatory response. 

       However, although several scientific evidence backs up the product’s efficacy as stated in its website, it merely focuses on prolonging ejaculations and orgasms, which may not be the only benefit most men would want, considering that a lot of similar products offer not only offer the same benefit of prolonged ejaculation, but also other effects like increased sexual stamina and endurance, and enhanced erectile function.

       Deferol quite proves to be very helpful when it comes to increasing the time before a man ejaculates and reaches his orgasm. But there are also other factors that one should consider for a good male enhancement product, which makes this sexual enhancer rather satisfactory.

       We believe Deferol is a good product to treat weak erection, low libido and other male sexual problems. However, we advise you to do a bit of research yourself before you buy any male enhancer.

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Read Before You get Scammed

From: Michael Walter
Fremont, California

With so many male enhancement product manufacterers making false advertising claims about their products effectiveness, it is indeed hard to find a male supplement that really work.  I'm sure many of you have been scammed before.

I know how you feel when you are unable to get an erection or unable to penetrate and it is indeed embarrassing to not being able to "rise to the occassions" especially when your partner is in the mood.  

Everyone having sexual dysfunction is desperately looking  for a quick fix on their sexual problems and that's the reasons why male enhancement scam is so rampant these days. These menufacturers prey on your desperation for a quick solution to your sexual problems, and they knew that when you're desperate, it would be very easy to get you scammed.

If you're looking for a natural male supplement that you can trust, then you must make sure that the male supplement you buy contain ingredients that are proven to work effectively against male sexual dysfuntnion. 

Below are some of the key ingredients you should look for in a male supplement.

"What Is Considered A Quality Male Supplement?!"

With hundreds of male enhancement products you can find both online and offline, and all of them claiming to be able to eliminate your eliminate your sexual problems and give you rock hard erection on demands, I know it is hard to tell which male supplement really does work.

One sure way to find out whether a male supplement works or not is to investigate its formulation. if you're confused about which male supplements to buy, then make sure the male supplements youwant to buy contains at least 3 or 4 of the following ingredients....

  • Epimedium - Epimedium is also called Horny Goat weeds and Epimedium is traditionally used as aphrodisiac as it has the ability to increase blood flow to penis. Epimedium also boost testosterone production.
  • Tribulus Terrestris - Tribulus Terrestris is known to heightened sexual behavior and increased intracavernous pressure. This was attributed to increases in testosterone
  • Cynomorium - Cynomorium is known in Chinese as suoyang, which is based on the herb's medicinal effects, "locking the yang." Cynomorium has been used for centuries as sexual tonic and is proven to increase sexual libido
  • Polyrachis Vicinia - Polyrachis Vicinia is a species of Ant. Polyrachis Viciniaa boost testosterone as zinc content of Polyrachis is the highest (180 mg) among all known living organisms, and zinc is essential in the manufacture of the Testosterone
  • L-Arginine - L-Arginine work similarly to Viagra.It relaxes blood vessels in penis and thus enbale better blood flow to penis. 
  • Tongkat Ali -  Tongkat ali also called Eurycoma Longifolia and Long Jack. It is a plant found in South East Asia and Tongkat Ali has been used for generation by native Asians to boost sex drive and improve sexual performance.
  • Butea Superba- Butea Superba is commonly found in Thailand and it has been used as traditional medicine for tonic and rejuvenation. It has the vsodilation effects  which widen the blood vessels to enable better blood flow and this works excatly the same way as Viagra.
  • Bioprene or CM8 - These ingredients are added to improve the absorption of nutrients in our body.

The above are key ingredients in fighting male sexual problems effectively. Many male supplements also include CM8 or Bioprene to make its ingredients easily absorbable by our body.

Yohimbe...Potentially Harmful Ingredients?

One commonly used ingredients in many male supplements is Yohimbe. Yohimbe is a very effective male enhancement herbs. However, long term use of Yohimbe is known to cause nasty side effects such as Heart Palpitation, excitation and insomnia. 

Yohimbe is especially not suitable for those who have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol level as Yohimbe may be detrimental to thier health.

What Can I Expect From A Male Supplement?

Everyone responds differently to different joint supplements, and the result depend largely on the type of ingredients used in the formulation as well as the severity of your sexual problems and the cause of E.D.

However, a quality male supplement shoud be able to delivery noticeable improvement within 3-7 days of use. You should be able to regain your erection and say goodbye to bedroom embarrassment .

         While natural male supplements are a popular alternative to those who experience sexual dysfunction such as low libido, soft erection, we advise you to do a bit of research and do your due diligence before you buy any male enhancers. 

By choosing the right male enhancers that contain essential ingredients as discussed above as these ingredients are proven to work effectively agianst male sexual dysfunction. With this as your selection criteria, you won't go wrong with the product you buy

         Below we recommend you to take a look at the top 3 male supplements that contain most of the potent ingredients listed above for your reference...

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